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SPLAT Organic Toothpaste (Recommended for use during pregnancy)

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Gum health, enamel strengthening and safe whitening for sensitive teeth (Expiry:01.12.2019)


ORGANIC strengthening toothpaste was specially designed to whitening highly sensitive teeth.

This toothpaste contains natural Aloe Vera gel, which helps keep your gums healthy. Natural papaya enzyme removes soft dental plaque, while tea tree oil prevents plaque formation. An organic form of calcium obtained from egg shells strengthens tooth enamel.

Recommended for use during pregnancy.

Proper fetal development is directly dependent on the mother's physical health. Any infections, including oral inflammation, may cause harm to the baby. Formation of the fetal bone tissue occurs in the 7th – 13th weeks of gestation, when the motherʼs body shares calcium from food with the fetus. Regular dental care is of special importance during pregnancy, as hormonal readjustment frequently results in the development of pregnancy gingivitis, which often manifests itself in gum inflammation, sponginess, hypertrophy and bleeding.

Active ingredients

Calcium Lactate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, o‑Cymen‑5‑ol, Papain.


Volume: 75ml