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Roominate Village - Amazon Exclusive

RM 528.00 RM 899.00

  • Connect wall and floor panels to build your structure Use the modular building pieces to create bookshelves, tables, slides, seesaws, and more!
  • Wire up circuits to make spinning windmills, carousels, street lights, and elevators! Use rPower to control the circuits using the Roominate app!
  • 325 piece set includes rPower, walls, furniture building pieces, wheels, axles, motors, lights, doll, pet bunny, screwdriver, craft paper, and more
  • Teaches important STEM skills: hands-on problem solving, spatial and fine motor skills, self-confidence, and creativity
  • Compatible with all other Roominate products and encourages open-ended play for endless possibilities



Product Description

Roominate Village is the ultimate Roominate starter set complete with Roominate rPower! Girls can build a downtown filled with brightly lit shops and restaurants, a city park complete with a lake, boat dock, and spinning merry-go-round, or so much more. With rPower, girls can control their moving creations using the Roominate app from a phone or tablet. Included in this 325-piece set are 16 wall/floor panels, 151 furniture building pieces, 82 connectors, 8 wheels, 4 axles, 1 rPower, 2 cable converters, 2 motors, 1 string of lights, 2 switches, 3 battery packs, 1 screwdriver, colored paper, and 1 doll and pet. Requires 8 AAA batteries, not included. 


Age:6 - 12