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Play-doh Town Pet Store

RM 85.00


  • Make all kinds of friends at the Play-Doh Town Pet Store! Help this
    animal-loving storeowner fill the shop with cute and colorful creatures.
  •  Get her ready for work by creating fun hairstyles, decorating her
    outfit, and pressing out bunny slippers.
  • When she's ready for the day,
    press out colorful ears for her bunny.
  • Create lots of other pet friends
    by shaping some hamsters with the book-mold, making colorful fish in the
    fishbowl, and more.
  • Roll the detachable hamster wheel to stamp cute
    little footprints.
  •  Don't forget to make some pretend treats for all of
    the adorable Play-Doh animals!
  • To keep business hopping along, shape
    some money using the half-molds and press out receipts using the cash
  • With a little imagination, kids can always create new friends
    and new adventures in Play-Doh Town!