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Packs of 6 Medela 35ml Colostrum Bottles

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Medela 35ml colostrum collection/storage container-bulk (non-retail, sterile packaging) 

Please note the bottle capacity (35mL). Pictures have been modified (enlarged or made smaller) to fit on the page.

Medela's 35 mL colostrum container is designed with healthcare professionals and mothers in mind. The curved bottom minimizes loss of colostrum or breastmilk during transfer to a syringe. The small size helps keep mothers motivated to pump by setting proper expectations of initial milk productions.

        Panel for writing name, date and time.

  • Pumping capacity up to 20 mL.
  • Storage capacity up to 35 mL.
  • Sterile and ready-to-use (until opened)
  • Reusable and autoclavable
  • FDA food contact grade polypropylene
  • Packs of 6 Medela 35ml Colostrum Bottles