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Oxford Heritage of KOREA KH3362

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Oxford KH3362 Heritage of Korea - Korean Traditional WeddingThis illustrates the unique set of traditional Korean traditional wedding atmosphere.OXFORD brick of similar quality with LEGO. Brick Oxford also 100% compatible with artificial brick LEGOIf you are looking for alternatives to the LEGO brick and the quality is equal to or above the LEGO at a price that is more affordable then OXFORD was the right choice for youOxford KH3362 Heritage of Korea - Korean Traditional Weddingis a series of stacking blocks toy offerings Oxford. Toy company from South Korea is constantly offering toy stacking blocks with a quality that can be equated with a kind of big companies from Denmark. This toy set also comes in different variants of colors and interesting shapes, which certainly is favored by the little guy.Perfect QualitySet toy stacking blocks Oxford included in the ranks of high quality toys in the field. Selected plastic quality, variations in color, weight and shape of the beam, with precision at each corner make this toy set was so perfectly in the palm of your baby's hand.Color Variation InterestOn colorful toy element Oxford feels so complete to be arranged by the baby's hand. This toy set also has some unique sweet colors, especially in a tan color range. With a variety of attractive colors, the child will be more happy and more creative in making a new building.element BeamSome parts of Oxford stacking blocks have the same size and plate. This allows the child to build Oxford stacking blocks of different series. Plus, Oxford toy set has different styles of buildings and vehicles were made of beams and smaller elements.