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Milk Planet Beaute Glitter Duet Breastpump

RM 499.00 RM 805.00

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Inspired by the theory of the left-brain or right-brain dominance, the Milk Planet Beauté Glitter Duet hospital-grade breastpump creates new pumping experience with two discrete pumps serving left and right breast individually.

The Milk Planet Beauté Glitter Duet breastpump is one of the next generation products from Milk Planet with incomparable features like the following:

3 suction modes:

Stimulation  (up to 9 levels of suctions for easy letdown)
Expression (up to 9 levels of suctions for optimum drawing of milk)
Two-in-One booster (Perfectly dedicated to new mothers who aim to stimulate their breasts before lactation kicks in and relieve the pain from breast engorgement)

-High capacity rechargeable lithium battery (operates up to approximately 8-12 complete cycles at full charge)

-Breastshield personalization with multiple sizes Perfect-fit (with silicone massager) or Soft-fit breastshields (fully-silicone) (22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm)

Other features:
-Dual Motor
-Silent operation
-LCD screen
-BPA Free

Warranty : 2 years limited warranty

What is in the Box : 

1xThe Milk Planet Beauté Glitter Duet breastpump 

2xBreast Shield (24mm) 

2xSilicone Massager 

2xValve & Membrane Set  

2xExtra Membrane


2xWide Neck Bottle


2xBottle Stand


2xWide Neck To Std Neck Bottle Converter