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Medela Contact Nipple Shields 20mm (Small) With Case (Non Retail Pack)

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Medela Nipple Shields can be an effective tool for professionals and moms to manage infants with latch-on problems, for moms with overactive let-downs or for flat, inverted and sore nipples.  Medela Nipple Shields enable continued breastfeeding without interruption until these problems are resolved.

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes 2 shields: Always have a spare on hand
  • Convenient & portable storage: Always have a safe place to store your nipple shield
  • Unique cut-out shape: Allows for more skin contact between mom and baby
  • Available in different sizes: Consult a lactation professional for assistance
  • For latch-on difficulties or flat/inverted nipples: To help continue breastfeeding
  • Made without BPA: All parts that come into contact with breast milk are not made with BPA
  • Made of 100% ultra thin, soft silicone: Safe for mom and baby

    What's in the Box:

    2 x Medela Contact Nipple Shields 20mm (Small) (Non Retail Pack) 

    1 x With Case (Non Retail Pack) 

    Important:Please noted that Medela Contact Nipple Shields 20mm with Case is 100% Authentic Medela Brand and is not come with original retail box, If you really mind Please do not place order, Thank you..