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Learning Resources Pretend Play Kitchen

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Cook up a culinary cuisine of fun while indulging in rich language opportunities. This super-sized set provides all the kitchen essentials to help children fill the role of master chef while developing confidence and a strong sense of self. There are enough accessories to invite a friend over to serve as sous chef to add social interaction, negotiation, and sharing into play. The familiar cooking theme helps children develop pretend play skills and serves well to introduce new vocabulary. Cookware is just the right size for children to manage and the handles on the utensils give a good base for grasping, stirring, and serving.

By using the different utensils like the masher, ice cream scoop, or ladle, children strengthen different movements and muscles in their hands and arms needed for independence and daily living. Service for four lets children match, sort, and count while setting the table for real or imaginary friends. This bright, primary-colored set is made of plastic and can be washed with soap and water –extending the play to cleaning up while learning real responsibilities in the kitchen. It even includes a dish pan strainer for drip drying your dishes. For ages 3+.