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Learning Resources Bright Bites Burger Shapes

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Order up: tasty shapes coming through! Bright Bites delivers children?€?s favorite foods, with a difference: the main ingredient of educational play. This recipe calls for a fully loaded burger prepared with the following shapes: circle (top and bottom bun; patty), triangle (lettuce leaf), square (cheese slice), hexagon (onion), heart (ketchup), star (mustard), and clover (pickle). When made to their exact specifications, little chefs can proudly serve their gourmet creations on the festive plate. This shape stack is a party for your taste buds!

    1 x Bun (2 halves, circle)
    1 x Hamburger patty (circle)
    1 x Ketchup (heart)
    1 x Mustard (star)
    1 x Cheese slice (square)
    1 x Lettuce (triangle)
    1 x Pickle (clover)
    1 x Onion (hexagon)
    1 x Plate

Product Size(W x H x L): 20.57 cm x 7.87 cm x 23.37 cm

Age: 2+

Battery Required:  N/A

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  • Manufacturer# : LER1470
  • Weight(g) : 398.1g