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Learning Resources Alphabet Soup Sorters Educational Game

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This set of 26 heavy-duty cardboard cans each holds an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and five object cards with words starting with the corresponding letter. Real-life photographic images on the cards assist children in learning new vocabulary while they play. Each card has a brightly-colored object on the front and the matching word printed on the back. Incorporate phonics and early literacy by sounding out the words.

Learning alphabetical order is an essential educational skill children will use throughout life —from looking up a word in a book’s index or researching effectively at the library to organizing playlists by artists’ names. To help children practice putting letters in correct ABC order, place the letter cards in a row in alphabetical order, leaving several out, but keep the space they would occupy. Then, lay out the remaining letters in random order and have children place them in their correct order in line. Be sure to name the letter out loud (or the sounds it makes) to practice phonics too! The next time you play, leave out a few more letters until your child is placing all the letters in order independently.