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iSee LCD Forehead Thermometer (3 Pieces)

RM 29.90 RM 39.80

Easy to use and quick measure (15 seconds). Sticking thermometer strip on the forehead, then your body temperature will be shown in green color.

Cartoon shape thermometers are specifally design for babies, so that parents can monitor babies's body temperature continually, and won't effect babies's sleeping.

No mercury, non-toxic, safe for health and environment.

Pocket size, easy to keep.

Forehead thermometer strip is according to the principle of led thermochromic, that is, liquid crystal will change its form according to the contact temperature, then change its color. The current temperature will be shown as a green color, and please note that to use this thermometer strip in 21-23C(70-74F). Please keep it in shady and cool, if the thermometer strip don't show color anymore, you can put it in the fridge (but can't keep it in freezing chamber) for 30 minutes, then it will show the temperature again.

This thermometer strip change color according to the contact thermometer, normally, human's forehead temperature will lower than normal temperature 0.5C, but because of the different weather and environment, the temperature of forehead will different, so please use this thermometer strip in indoor temperature. Also, in winter, the temperature is low, the thermometer strip's will heat up slow, so please put the thermometer strip on your forehead a little longer.


Fast & easy (temperature reading)

Reusable (Ideal for travel)

Soft & flexible (For your comfort)

Indicate body temperature continiously