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Cimilre S3 Double Pump.

RM 728.00 RM 888.00

Single/Double-sides operation

Hospital Grade

Super quiet - noise level less than 45db

Highly adjustable - 12 suction levels, 5 massage levels, cycle frequency can be adjusted between 30-46/min

Suction strength up to 330 mmHg - slightly more than Spectra's 300mmHg

Closed system - prevents breast milk backflow into the motor

Auto shuts off after 30min of use

Built-in Night Light

LED display that indicates duration of expression

Brand new Cimilre S3 dual pump set consist on the following:

1) Cimilre S3 pump + charger

2) 2 x 30mm narrow neck breast shields

3) 2 x 150ml narrow neck bottle

4) 2 x backflow protector

5) 2 x tubing

6) 2 x white valve

7) English manual