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Amos Enjoy i-clay - Each Pack

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IcLay polymer clay is soft and smooth texture. It is intended for children aged 3 years. IcLay is easy for application because it is water-based. It is available in several colors that can be easily mixed and mixing give a new color.

IcLay easily shaped hands, MODL or other tool. It does not require baking for dry in air, does not contain gluten and is not toxic.

IcLay is the perfect creative resource for each child. Using IcLay clay modeling their children with patience 3D world by developing their imagination and creativity. 

Ball: Put IcLay clay between your palms and rolajte until you get the ball.
Line: Make a ball of clay IcLay and gently push the roller application.
Cube: Make the ball from IcLay clay and transform it into a cube, gently pressing.
Droplet: Make a ball of clay and IcLay goods pritinsite at one end of the palms.